About Leuchtfeuer

Leuchtfeuer-Strickwaren is a family enterprise and was founded in 1956 by Adolf Grohmann and his wife. In former times everything was made by hand, nowadays a great deal is produced by computer-controlled machines.

Leuchtfeuer-Strickwaren has mainly specialized in “troyers” (knitted marine-style pullovers) and the assortment is completed by caps, socks and scarves.

Quality made in Germany

The aim of Leuchtfeuer-Strickwaren is to keep its production in Germany still in the future. For more than 60 years Leuchtfeuer is able to compete with its high quality knitwear. The company is a comprehensive and all-inclusive factory. The quality of the knitwear - from the yarn to the finished article - is controlled constantly. The yarn used is subject to permanent German quality control.

Our services for you

- prompt delivery, packed, ex works
- oversizes & custom-made production
- special colours (e.g. signal colours) and special yarns on demand
- flame protection yarn
- sold by metre/knitted cuff
- embroidery
- sewing of labels
- cutting
- steam-ironing
- sewing
- modification
- seaming

- Cut out
- Steaming
- Saturation
- Change something